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Robinson's Tastee-Ring Burger Press

Make Burgers Something Special!

How To Use

1. Use a strip of plastic wrap slightly wider than press. Lay one end over base. Place a lemon sized amount of food on the plastic in the base.

2. Fold plastic over food, press firmly with top.

3. After first press, fold loose plastic edges over patty, then repress to seal. Ready for use or storage.

Get Great Recipes!

We've assembled a collection of tasty recipes you and your family will love! With such a wide selection of main ingredients, there is something for everyone.

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Tired of burgers that bulge up, never cook uniformly and shrink in size?

Here's the answer to your problem!

The Tastee-Rings Burger Press is a great improvement in the preparation of food. It adds new capabilities and convenience to the forming, storing, cooking and eating of all food patties. The unique characteristics of the Tastee Rings patties are due to the concentric circular grooves in the patty surface. These grooves break the lines of shrinkage across the diameter of the patty as it cooks, causing it to lay flat for even heat absorption. The result is patties that cook in less time while virtually preventing cracking and warping. The grooves also hold in juices and seasonings to improve texture and taste.


Patented Ring Design

Our ring design is so special it's patented!  Patties cook faster and more evenly while retaining juices, virtually eliminating cracking and warping. 



Each press is molded of USDA approved food grade, high-impact polystyrene plastic. The overall diameter is 5 inches and the overall height is 2 inches. They are dishwasher safe in the top rack and unbreakable in normal use. Instructions and recipes are included with each press. This product has a lifetime warranty. Just return any burger press found unsatisfactory to Robinson Company for free replacement.


Plastic Wrap Is The Key

Using plastic wrap with the Tastee-Rings Patty Press is a convenient way to prepare and store large quantities of food. The grooved patties freeze faster and stay in quality condition, making them readily available for quick meals and cookouts.


Patty Size

Patties are 4 inches in diameter, but the thickness of the patties is controlled by the amount of food used. The thinnest patty weighs about 3 ounces and is about 3/8 inch thick. Just add more food to make thicker patties.


Tips for Preparing Better Patties

Patties that are soft and sticky in nature should be chilled or frozen before removing plastic wrap.

Select a plastic food wrap with good stretch and self-adhering qualities.

Adjust patty thickness to your choice by using more or less food.


Freezer Storage

Freeze patties on a flat tray - in a single layer- with folded plastic edges down to better preserve grooves.

For long term storage, place convenient numbers of frozen patties in closeable freezer bags.

Plastic film pulls easily from frozen patties...always remove before cooking.