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Robinson's DoorMinder

The Air Conditioning Control System
That $aves You Money!

How To Purchase

Sales Information: Contact Jeff Beach at

Coastal Green Air

3145 Gulf Shores Parkway
Gulf Shores, Alabama 36542

Telephone: 251-967-2111

It's All About the Kilowatts

You spend a great deal of money to heat and cool your living space, so why not prevent it from escaping needlessly? If you are interested in saving energy costs and repair bills then this ingenious system will amaze you.  Find out how easy it is to eliminate wasteful energy loss and how cost effective it is.


Installation Manual  (pdf)

Manual de Instalación (pdf)

For more information               Contact us Here

Phone: 251-943-5944
Toll Free: 888-211-0209

Tired of paying those high energy bills for excessive heating and air-conditioning?

The DoorMinder Is For You!

If you can't be there to shut the door yourself, you can still slam the door on high energy costs!  The DoorMinder automatically turns off the central heating and air-conditioning system when doors or windows are carelessly left open.


Cost Effective

By encouraging people to keep the outside doors closed, this system will save you money three ways:

  • Electric Utility Bills
  • Air Conditioning Service Cost
  • Paint & Wall Paper Repair

Easy To Install

Receiver Unit Transmitter Unit Magnet, included with Transmitter Unit

The DoorMinder model ACC-315 consists of two separate units: A RECEIVER [Model Number ACR-315], and A Transmitter [Model Number ACT-315 includes magnet]. A minimal system would consist of one ACR-315 and one ACT-315.

The Receiver Unit

Part Number: ACR-315, installed in the central air conditioning closet and is powered from the 24-volt a.c. transformer that provides power to the thermostat. Only four conductors are required to connect the ACR-315. Two wires are connected to the 24-volt a.c. transformer and two wires are connected to the thermostat circuit. All four connections are made in the air conditioning closet.  No wiring is required to the doors!.

The receiver measures 4 ¼” x 2½“ x 1” and the transmitter measures 3¾” x 1¼” x 1”

The Transmitter Unit

Part number: ACT-315, installed at each door that you wish to monitor [up to ten doors] A small magnet is mounted on the door and an ACT-315 transmitter is mounted on the doorframe. Install the battery in the transmitter and the DoorMinder is ready to go. The three-volt, CR-2, lithium battery is included and has an average life of three years (depending on use).

One receiver will handle up to ten door transmitters.


How it works

If a door is left open for more than four minutes, the DoorMinder will shut down the air conditioning system, and it will remain off for a period of at least five minutes. This five-minute minimum is to prevent the cooling system compressor from trying to restart with high head pressure, thus eliminating unnecessary stress on the condenser system. If the door is still open at the end of this 5 minute period the air conditioning system will remain disabled until the door is closed.



A high quality MULTILANGUAGE metal film sticker is provided for each door or window to be monitored. This sticker has a printed warning alerting the occupant that leaving the door open for more than four minutes will disable the air conditioning system. This warning is in English, Spanish, French and German.


The DoorMinder comes with a limited one-year warranty.